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НИР  »  Natural sciences: areas of scientific researches  »  Optical methods of investigating structures and processes in nature. Laser physics. Physicochemical principles of production and practical use of inorganic materials  »   


Nonlinear localized structures in space plasma

Department of Experimental and Theoretical Physics,

Prof.  A.V. Volosevich, D.Sc.;

Phone:+375 222 28-39-69,

E-mail:  avolos@rambler.ru



Coherent optical process influence on spectrum and dynamics of laser radiation

Department of Experimental

         and Theoretical Physics,

Prof. V.I. Lebedev, D.Sc.;

Phone:+375 222 28-39-69,

E-mail: vilebedev@newmail.ru



Development of the theory of polymeric photonic-crystal fibers with natural color:

  • Principles of testing of the interior structure of photonic-crystal fibers by transverse probing;
  • Optical sensors based on photonic-crystal fibers;
  • Diffraction theory of waveguide microscopy;
  • Statistical principles of spectral ellipsometry and waveguide spectroscopy of surface;
  • Theory of optical waveguides under critical and overcritical conditions

Department of Experimental

         and Theoretical Physics,

Prof. A.B. Sotsky, D.Sc.;

Phone:+375 222 28-39-69,

 E-mail: ab_sotsky@mail.ru;

Dr. N.I. Staskov, PhD ;

Dr. I.V. Ivashkevich, PhD;

E-mail: iivashkevich@yandex.ru



Investigation of polymeric structures by the reflective ellipsometry method

Department of Experimental and Theoretical Physics,

Dr. L.E. Starovojtov, PhD;

Phone:+375 222 28-30-50,

E-mail: starlev@tut.by



Investigation of physicochemical characteristics of natural compounds, materials and environmental objects

  • Methodology of spectral-energy monitoring of the sportsman functional state through biological fluid characteristics
  • IR-spectroscopy of building materials and products
  • Physicochemical characteristics of pectin
  • Investigation of nitrate - ion contamination of drinking water sources

Department of Chemistry,

Dr. N.A. Klebanova, PhD;

Phone:+375 222 26-52-73,

E-mail:  avklebanov@yandex.ru,

Dr. V.A. Sedakova; 

L.P. Makse, MS;

E-mail:  larisa_maxe@yahoo.com