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НИР  »  Natural sciences: areas of scientific researches  »  Researches of mathematical models and their application to studying physical phenomena  »   

Application of methods of Diophantine approximations in different metrics to Diophantine equations, algebraic number distributions, discriminants, and resultants

Department of Algebra, Mathematical Analysis

         and Differential Equations,

Dr. N.V. Sakovich, PhD; 

Phone:+375 222 28-35-85,

E-mail: SakovichNV@tut.by



Development of methods of human biomechanical state assessment and realization of optimum motion conditions of biomechanical systems

Physical Training Theory and Methodology Department,

Dr.  V.I. Zagrevsky, D.Sc.

Phone:+375 222 25-05-67,  

E-mail: zvi@tut.by